My alphabet all about me

A is for Australia and Adelaide that is where I live. 🇦🇺

B is for blogging I am new to blogging so I can’t wait to give it a go 👍

C is for chatting one of my favourite things to do is Chat with my friends 👭

D is for dogs, dogs are my favourite animals 🐶

E is for eggs I have chickens and they make eggs 🥚

F is for Flags I love learning about flags 🇩🇰

G is for Gymnastics I do lot’s of Gymnastics 🤸‍♀️

H is for hugs I love hugs 💞

I is for Icecream it is one of my favourites foods 🍦

J is for Jemimah that is my name 💁

K is for Kangaroo there are heaps in Australia

L is for  legs I have to legs 🦶

M is for mistakes I make lot’s of mistakes but I learn from them

N is for Nutella I love eating Nutella 🍫

O is for Ostrich my friend lies about having an ostrich

p is for pig it is the year of the pig  🐷

Q is for Queen the queen of England is Australian queen as well 👸

R is for Rice I like rice 🌾

S is for Salt I love Salty things 🧂

T is for ten I am ten years old 1️⃣0️⃣

U is for Ugg boots they are very popular in Australia 🥾

V is for Violin I play the Violin 🎻

W is for Waffles I love waffles 🥞

X is for Xylophone I play the xylophone 🎵

Y is for Year 6 I am in Year 6  6️⃣

Z is for Zara one of my friends is called Zara👭



12 thoughts on “My alphabet all about me

  1. Dear Jemimah,

    Our class in California LOVED your A-Z About Me page. (Hey, that rhymes!) The emojis you used really complemented your text. We learned heaps about you.

    Casey Cherry loves waffles like you do.

    Robotic Waffle wants to eat your blog!

    Ana Prewitt adores waffles with Nutella.

    Jodie Bloom enjoy a daily Nutella
    sandwich. It’s true!

    Aliyah Sage is crazy for ice cream. Her favorite is chocolate cookie dough.

    Sheila Turner plays instruments too. She plays the drums.

    Dr. Hagle plays the piano, too!

    Again, we loved your post!

    Mrs. Yollis’ students,
    Los Angeles, California

  2. Well done Jemimah – You have made a positive start to the Student Blog Challenge and have picked up some new skills.

    I notice that you have a lot of other visitors to your blog too!

    Mr Jackson

  3. Hi Jemimah,
    My name is Sibel and I am one of the Commenters in the Blogging challenge. You are very creative and I have learnt a lot of things about you, well-done:))))Great job. I am looking forward to reading more in your blog.

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